About Us


ARi IndustriesARi Industries began as a manufacturer and supplier of quality thermal management products for a world of industrial and commercial process applications.

We began in 1952 as Aero Research Instruments, in Chicago Illinois.  ARi was among the first pioneering companies to manufacture mineral insulated cable to improve product performance and reliability. Over the decades, we’ve refined and improved that technology, as it remains the heart of our products to this day.

ARi is recognized as the industry leader of metal-sheathed, mineral insulated thermocouple cable.  All our standard AerOpak® thermocouple cable is supplied with high-purity MgO (magnesium Oxide) insulation and accuracies per ASTM E-230 limits of error. We main large inventories of finished cable and ARi also specializes in custom thermocouple, conductor and heater cables to meet virtually any application requirement of temperature, environment or process conditions.

ARi uses that same high-quality cable to fabricate and manufacture in quantity our wide range of thermocouple, RTD  (resistance temp-erature detector) and heater assemblies for myriad industrial and commercial uses.  AerOpad® and Fan Type welded pad thermocouples are world-renowned for their quality and are used in power plants and in refinery operations for furnace heater tube measurements. Multi-point thermocouples and RTD’s perform critical profiling of reactor and furnace temperatures.  Our rugged-duty thermocouples and RTD’s are used in aerospace applications, including engine and brake temperature measurements on commercial and military aircraft.

ARi also supplies high-temperature thermocouples for applications up to 4000°F, using noble and refractory metals, for commercial heat treating and advanced laboratory/R&D applications.

ARi is a leading supplier of mineral-insulated heater assemblies and cable, as well. AerOrod® high-watt density heaters can supply up to 150 watts per square inch, yielding quick response and long use life in the most demanding applications.  By using internally welded transitions between hot and cold sections, potential cold end failure is virtually eliminated. ARi heaters are used throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process, as well as in furnace element production, aerospace and heat tracing applications. Our reputation for custom solutions to the most demanding heater challenges is known worldwide, a fact in which ARi takes great pride.  Nonetheless, we are constantly exploring new technologies for heater thermodynamics and fabrication techniques, to meet the emerging markets we serve, every day at ARi. This forward-thinking philosophy benefits our customers and it remains our commitment to them.


OKAZAKI ( Parent Company )

MMF“The world’s leading manufacturer of temperature sensors and heaters.”  Founded in 1954, Okazaki Manufacturing Company is the most comprehensive maker of products related to temperature measurement and heating.

Since ancient times, knowing temperatures and generating heat have been an important part of human life and have been handed down from generation to generation, until the present.  Our company actively pursues technologies that measure temperature and produce heat and we have made great contributions to the development of industry and the progress of the society both domestically and overseas.

Main Manufacturing Factory (MMF).  In order to satisfy a wide variety of needs from our valued customers, all our production divisions have been consolidated into one large facility to make our organizational structure smoother and work environment better.  This new facility is called the “Main Manufacturing Factory” and started its operation in 2012.  The MMF mainly designs and manufactures temperature sensors for various industries, ranging from general industry to nuclear, environment, electronic and petrochemical industries.  Technical Dept is based at the MMF where new products are developed and various testing and analysis are performed.  Also, JCSS temperature calibration test room is available.  We can perform various temperature calibration services as international MRA accredited company.

In addition, we have our own machine shop on the premise which manufactures machined parts such as thermowells and flanges.  With its high level of technology and management as well as its role as our mother factory, the MMF will fullfill a central role for its associated factories for the future.