Heater Assemblies




Our AeroRod electric Heaters are offered in a wide assortment of sizes, styles, and terminations.  Amongst the list of benefits are:

  • FLEXIBILITY – The element can be readily bent by hand or production machinery to any desired configuration and it can retain that configuration after repetitive heating and cooling cycles.  This feature permits placing the heater where the heat is required and thus eliminate hot spots.


  • HIGH WATT DENSITY – By choice of materials it is possible to obtain 150 watts per square inch of surface area without loss of other performance characteristics.


  • FAST TIME RESPONSE – By elimination of unnecessary volume, the weight and therefore heating time is greatly reduced.


  • CORROSION RESISTANCE – By using an Inconel 600* sheath, the heater can be immersed in many corrosive fluids without deterioration.


  • LONG LIFE – By new and patented methods of lead wire attachment, we eliminated the source of 70% of electric heater failures. We’ve used these types of heaters in aircraft applications and warranted 8000 hours of flight time (not energized time) which means that the total “on” time would exceed 20,000 hours. Industrial applications probably do not have as long a useful life since the enviroment is varied and often more severe.


  • NUCLEAR APPLICATION – By proper choice of materials, these heaters can with stand long term exposures in the core of a power nuclear reactor with negligible deterioration.


  • EFFICIENCY – AerOrod® Heaters and Mineral Insulated Heater Cable are manufactured with  highly compacted, high purity MgO insulation in a multiple reduction process that yields a uniform cross-section and minimum wire to sheath spacing for efficient heat transfer. This material can be easily formed to meet demanding specifications (minimum bend radius = 2X sheath diameter). The heater cable can be brazed or welded to give maximum power levels in difficult situations.


  • RESISTANCE – Our BXX style heaters have an internal splice from high resistance heater wires to low resistance nickel wires creating an unheated resistance ratio of approximately 10:1.


Standard heaters are normally available from stock. Custom heated and unheated lengths are available with a typical 2-3 week lead time.


*Inconel 600 is a Reg. T.M. International Nickel Corp.