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Thermocouples are probably the most popular temperature sensors in use today. Basic models are relatively accurate, low cost, interchangeable, and can measure a wide range of temperatures. Accurate temperature measurement is one of the most common tasks faced by professionals in modern industrial and control design.



Petroleum Refineries National Research Labs Semiconductor
Furnaces / Kilns Aerospace Pharmaceutical
 Nuclear Gas Turbines Industrial Processes
Energy Military Automotives
Oil / Gas Steel Diesel Engines



•  Large inventories of mineral insulated thermocouple cables and raw materials for fast delivery

•  In-house manufacturing produce high quality and custom designs a few can match

•  Special specifications with complete testing: RDT C7-6T, ASTM E-235, ASTM-E585, MIL-T-23234A, E-608, ...

•  Complete NDT (non-destructive testing) procedures and certifications

•  Certifications are traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

•  Industry's broadest assortment of standard thermocouples (ie. Sheath Diameters = 0.020" to 0.750", metric sizes)

•  Solid foundation of products and services

•  And more


•  Type K, J, E, T, N.

•  High Reliability.

•  Special Limits Of Error.

•  High Purity MgO.

•  Maximum EMF.

•  Bendables/Long Lengths.

•  Ultra-fast time responses.

•  Up to 18 points in a single 0.125" sheath diameter.

•  Provide continuous profile measurements.

•  Withstand high external pressure.


•  Type B, S, R, C, D, G.

•  Noble/Refractory Metals.

•  Excessive Temperatures.

•  Up To 2300 °C.

•  Severe/Oxidizing.

•  Custom Specifications.

•  Tube measurement up to 1100 °C (2012 °F).

•  Accuracy at least ± 2%.

•  Lower maintenance cost.

•  Minimize fuel waste.

•  Avoid forced boiler shutdown.






Thermocouples FAQs:

- How it works?

- How to choose?

- How to use?

- How to maintain?


•  Sulfur Recovery Units.

•  Coal Gasification Reaction Zones.

•  Resistance to Hydrogen Sulfide or Sulfur Dioxide.

•  Elminated Toxic Gas Leakage.

•  Connection heads.

•  Miniature plugs and jacks.

•  Terminal blocks.

•  Compression fittings.

•  St/St adaptors and strain reliefs.






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